Chance The Rapper has become the toast of hip-hop over a very short time. A year ago, he was known primarily as a regional star in the Chicago area, as his #10Day tape built buzz below the national radar. But with the release of this year's Acid Rap, Chicago's most dexterous talent has exploded on the national scene, opening for some of hip-hop's biggest stars like Macklemore, Kendrick Lamar, and Eminem

The latter two artists have definitely been influential on the rapper's style—you can hear Em in his delivery and the way his flow sometimes goes on extended metaphorical flights of fancy, and his good kid in a drill city approach can't help but be compared to Lamar. But he's a child of the internet age, and his influences are as diverse as those of any music obsessive. Listening to Acid Rap never feels like a history lesson; instead, exploring the many strands of musical DNA that makes up its overall sound becomes an exploration of the artist's personality and taste.

We spoke with Chance The Rapper about the multitude of artists who've had an impact on hip-hop's rookie of the year. From hip-hop classics to indie to street rap to R&B legends, Chance's favorite performers are a diverse example of cornucopia of styles available to anyone who grew up post-Napster. Here are Chance The Rapper's 25 Favorite Albums.

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