Several days ago, Chance The Rapper performed at the Univeristy of Illinois in Chicago. After rocking one of the standout songs off of his critically acclaimed Acid Rap project, "Paranoia," Chance performs his most recent release, "You Song," the collaboration with him and Lil Wayne that appeared on Dedication 5 less than a week ago. He starts it off with a perfectly timed scissor kick into the air as soon as the beat drops, and prances across the stage as if he owned it. Judging from the crowd reaction, it's safe to say that he did indeed own their undivided attention.

However, Chance would not be finished after his set. The concert's headlining act, Kendrick Lamar, brought the hometown hero on stage at the beginning of his own set. With Chance as his hypeman, the two came together to deliver a frenetic rendition of "m.A.A.d City." Kendrick feeds off of Chance's energy throughout the performance, and it is clear that the two have great chemistry with each other. They've bonded quite a bit recently, as they were touring together overseas last month.

However, this was not the first time the two performed "m.A.A.d. City" together on stage. Back in May at an Iowa University concert, Kendrick brought out Chance to help him out. However, it is worth noting that at that time, Chance did not have a microphone on stage with him, and merely offered his energy in the form of hand gestures and jumping.

A lot has changed since May for both artists. Chance's name has skyrocketed, to the point where he is known by pretty much anyone who follows hip-hop in 2013. Meanwhile, Kendrick caused a dramatic shift in the game with his verse on "Control," the most talked about verse of the year thus far. But as both artists continue to grow and share stages together, are collaborations in the works?

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