I'm hesitant to call 2013 the year of footwork, but it definitely seems like the Chicago-bred evolution of the juke scene is definitely on the upswing, when you count things like DJ Rashad linking with Hyperdub, as well as their performance at this year's Pitchfork Festival. He's been doing the damn thing for a minute, but just saw many publications and fans hopping onto the footwork sound this year. It's a dope parallel when you realize that Chance the Rapper is an hip-hop artist who's seen his stock rise in 2013, and hailing from Chicago, it makes sense that if he was trying to highlight the evolution of Chicago's sound (or just tour with a pair of equally dope DJs) that he'd bring TEKLIFE members DJ Rashad & DJ Spinn. Rashad should be back in action at this point, we're hoping. The tour kicks off in late October in Illinois, and runs through early December in Miami. Tickets go on sale via chanceraps.com on September 24.