We know what it's like; you have to drag yourselves back to the crowded hallways and sharpened pencil life of SCHOOL. Whether you're turnt up in your pre-college school days or trying to avoid declaring your major, Big Dope P understands, and provided a proper soundtrack for you. His "Back to School" tape is chock full of jams that'll have you remembering thick shorty with the hair who had your nose wide open during the summer. Or maybe you're just trying to get your daydream on, counting the days (or hours) to the official beginning of school turn up party. Hopefully you're doing all of this while you're in class, getting your learn on, because no matter how bad of an influence we can be, DAD doesn't condone flunking out. Get your work on, then get your play on. Earn it; P has. And he'll only reward deserving androids with all kinds of crunked up sounds, from bountiful bass to ferocious footwork.


Wale & French Montana - Back To Ballin'
Orelha Negra - Golden Hotel (Big Dope P Remix)
Jeremih - All The Time (Funkystepz Remix)
Mike Gip & Dj Hook - Work Out
Big Dope P - Bird Flu (Murder Mark & TT The Artist Remix)
Big Dope P - Moveltlife (Feadz Remix)
Tim Dolla - Aquafina
Dj Fresh - Talk That Talk RMX
Big Dope P - Get It Gurl
Dj Jayhood & Dj Joker - Planet Rock Remix
Tyga - Lapdance
EQ Why - Bottom
Danny Brown - Blunt After Blunt (Big Dope P Remix)
Mr De - Disco Guitar Remix
TT The Artist & Starrz - Bout To Turn It Out
Feadz - Metaman
Chrissy Murderbot - Slang It
Nightwave - Vimana
Big Dope P - Moveltlife
Jam Pony Express - JPE Live
Feadz - Eastside (Big Dope P Remix)
Dj Rashad & Dj Spinn - UOENO Remix
Ezekiel - Gurrrr Swag
Big Dope P - So High
Dj Earl - Put That Green Up
Funkystepz feat. Lauren Mason - Bring Me Back (Big Dope P Remix)
Kozee - Let's Ride
Big Dope P - Let Me Flush Dat (Policy Remix)