Producer: Key Wane, Mike Dean
Album: Hall of Fame

Big Sean needed "Beware." We'd been anxiously awaiting his second album, Hall of Fame, which was pretty do-or-die for Sean. Sean wants to be taken more seriously as an artist, drop the ad-libs, and do that record that will kill it on the radio. And that's what "Beware" is. The bubbly synth production by Key Wane and Mike Dean just makes you feel goooood (no pun intended) when you hear it. And then the effortlessly talented Jhené Aiko hops on the hook for "You should beware, beware, beware/Of a woman with a broken heart." Maybe Sean has caught on to Drake's knack for making songs that work wonders as Tweets and Facebook statuses but come on, how relevant is that to so many of his fans? Very relevant, which is why when Sean spits the singsongy verses paired with that airy, catchy chorus, it's an instant hit.

Then you hear it: Is that the sound of a lighter? Oh right, it's Wayne. "Don't believe them hoes because they don't wanna see us together." Wayne's verse is... very much a Wayne verse: pussy talk that veers into philosophical quandry ("She said it's gonna be me, myself and I/Damn, that would make me the one I fuck...") and using some really outrageous similes, like riding a dick like a moped. But it all works, and it was a great start for Sean's sophomore effort. —Lauren Nostro