Summer songs are made for the radio. More than any other season's. Blasting out of a box on a stoop full of empties, or booming from the windows of a car cruising the strip, every year's summetime anthems become a part of the collective unconscious, inextricably linked to our memories of hot fun.

These past three months were no different. From the retro disco-funk singles to the crossover EDM smash, the emotional street rap to the bubble-gum pop to the... well, whatever the hell it is Miley Cyrus is doing, all sorts of music made the soundtrack to our barbecues, our beach days, our ballgames. A welcome diversity, some mix-and-match freshness to soothe us as the thermometer spiked and the sweat started to trickle. A wide range of songs will mark this summer in time.

With the season winding down, this weekend being Labor Day's, it's a good opportunity to look back. (And to make a list!) So fire up the grill one last time, get some sun and try to find some water to splash around in. Soon you'll be missing all the complaining about the heat you've been doing. When that happens, here are the tunes that will remind you of how good you had it. Please check out The 13 Best Songs of Summer 2013.

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