If you want to talk EDM success stories, you have to talk Avicii. With only five years in the game, his growth as an artist rose right alongside the rise of the EDM scene in America, and worldwide. He's cashed paychecks from Bud Light and Ralph Lauren, and seen huge singles like "Levels" hit the top 10 in 16 different countries. He's pulling in six figures for his shows, and like it or not, he's one of those acts that is immediately associated with what the mainstream sees as "EDM," for good or ill. Do you know what that means? There are a legion of producers who are going to look at Avicii's career as a model of success, and something to mirror when coming up. DAD decided to take a look at how easy it'd be to create the next EDM superstar (again for good or ill), using the steps Avicii has taken during his ascension. Here's an easy tutorial for those of you who are wanting to become the next Avicii (or if you're wise, the next Ash Pournouri). You don't need to master all of these points, but if you're looking to get your money up in this EDM game before it bursts, this is how you can become the next Avicii.