Action Bronson has been on the road with Danny Brown for the "2 High 2 Die" tour this September. During a tour stop this Tuesday in Bloomington, Indiana, Bronson was on stage when an unruly fan decided to throw a cigarette at him. Bronson immediately paused his set to look for the culprit. The Queens native then demanded that the cigarette thrower get on stage.

When the man gets on stage, Bronson orders him to sit down, and then starts to get into his next song, "The Symbol." However, the man initially waves his hands around, clearly enjoying being on stage, too much so for Bronson's liking. So the rapper tells the man to stop moving and then orders him over to the back of the stage, behind the DJ Booth. From this new vantage position, seated and facing a wall, the man can't see any of Bronson's performance.

The best part of the video is the scolding Bronson gives the man. "You shouldn't have thrown the cigarette," Bronson says. "You understand that? You've been a bad boy." All the man can do is nod in submission. He wasn't looking to get one of Bronson's signature on-stage bodyslams.

As Bronson continues to tour the country with Brown, he is getting ready to release Blue Chips 2, his follow up project with producer Party Supplies.

[via Spin]

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