I have kids. Three, in fact. It's cool, I guess. (Though it's definitely cooler NOT having kids, if you're looking for advice.) When you have children you have to make all kinds of concessions, the most devastating of which is (perhaps) music selection.

Theoretically you can definitely still listen to whatever you want because kids are weak as shit and they won't be able to physically overpower you and change the station, but it's probably just not worth it. Like, it's funny listening to aggressively ignorant rap music with your kids when it's just you and your kids, but then when your five-year-old goes to school and asks his teacher to "bust that pussy open/ let me see you bring it back," I mean, that's just not that great of a phone call to get from school administration.

So, some help: A playlist of rap songs that you can listen to with your progeny that are waythefuck better than Raffi. Here are 10 Rap Songs You Can Enjoy With Your Kids.

Written by Shea Serrano (@SheaSerrano)

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