Eminem is lauded for his songtelling songs. From the song "Guilty Conscience", where Eminem and Dr. Dre battle over the moral thing to do in certain situations, to "Stan," the infamous track about an obsessed fan, to the more recent "Love The Way You Lie," some of Em's best material has come in the form of storytelling raps. 

This has always set Shady apart from the rest of the competition. While he hasn't completely stopped telling stories, Recovery featured more personal raps than say, the completely off-the-wall imagination of The Slim Shady LP. Newcomers like J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar are often praised for their storytelling, so we know this generation of rap fans would love to hear some stories from Em. Hopefully, Eminem will continue to push the envelope artistically and conceptually on the MMLP2.