Eminem has always been known for his sense of humor. Many of his lead singles (with the exception of “Not Afraid”) followed a comedic formula that found him poking fun at celebrities and pop culture figures. Aside from the funny rhymes, Eminem also featured a character named Ken Kaniff on skits on a number of his albums. Em used his Ken Kaniff voice to make a prank call on The Slim Shady LP and mock Insane Clown Posse on The Marshall Mathers LP.

Prank calling seemed to be something Eminem loved doing and we loved hearing. On the cassette sampler for MMLP that he did with Stretch Armstrong, there were a ton of prank calls Em did (you can peep most of them below). He also went on to appear on Comedy Central's Crank Yankers, and he memorably prank called LL Cool J when LL appeared on Shade 45. Let’s hope Shady brings back the prank calling because it was thoroughly enjoyable.