While we imagine many of you are up on Daft Punk, and have been since the 1990s, we understand if many of you didn't get to hear the group until "Get Lucky." Things happen, trends rise and fall, and entire phases of music occur before you're really into digging for electronic music. The problem is, outside of their four albums (five if you include the Tron Legacy soundtrack), live albums, compilations, and a couple handfuls of remixes, you don't don't have THAT much Daft Punk to rock to. Yet you want to peer into the sounds of Discovery, or find out what's influenced them. Well, DAD's got you covered. Let's examine some acts that you should check out if you're into the music of Daft Punk, or want to learn about some of their influences... and peers. If you love Daft Punk, you're bound to become new fans of some of these fine acts.