The Bronx's YC The Cynic has dropped a new track earlier this week called "Negus." The song takes its title from a controversial moment that took place during the 2007 National Spelling Bee; a young boy is asked to spell the word "Negus," which actually is the title given to the sovereign of Ethiopia. The song appears on YC's upcoming album, GNK, and on the album, it is preceeded by an audio sample of the Spelling Bee incident.

The song itself finds YC exploring the theme of unity and empowerment. The Bronx native makes important historical references while painting his vision for society's future. "Picture Langston [Hughes] flipping language dipped in Royal garbs/Marcus Garvey did The Garden in embroidered scarves," he says, "Politicians tried to hop the fence and fought the gods/Tossed from Zion all we sighted was a fallen star." The Frank Drake beat features a mellow piano loop that is simply mesmerizing.

It is worth noting that the late Capital Steez of Pro Era also made a song also titled "Negus" and used a portion of that infamous Spelling Bee video in the intro of the song. His "Negus," however, is loosely inspired by Tyler, The Creator's song "Yonkers."

YC is getting ready to drop GNK, entirely produced by Frank Drake, this coming Monday, August 26. Check out the latest release below.

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