His Background

A sensitive Jewish Canadian who starred in a teen drama television show... very inauspicious beginnings for a rapper. What is there to hate about Drake's TV stardom? Who wouldn't want to be on a TV show and make thousands of dollars as a teenager? Not us. How does this fact affect his skill as a musician? It doesn't.

Oh wait, we forgot that you can only be a rapper if you grew up with no parents, were homeless, and sold drugs. If you have one parent, you cannot be a rapper. If you aren't a feral human with wild dog tendencies, you can't be a rapper... How silly to instill arbitrary guidelines and preclude anyone from sharing their story, especially in a genre built on creativity and storytelling. Drake's not the only musician that has ever existed with an "unusual" background story.

J. Cole went to St. John's University. Robin Thicke's dad, Alan Thicke, was on Growing Pains. 2 Chainz may be a pioneer of ignorant rap, but he's rumored to have graduated college with a 4.0 GPA. Lady Gaga, Julien Casablancas, and Lana Del Rey were all born to rich parents. Imagine if our adolescent years were documented as much as Drake's, for millions of people to access, consume, and judge. Being rich or middle (or way upper) class doesn't make up for a lack of authenticity and the ability for people to relate to your music. An artist could be dead broke and lack those things.