He's Contradictory

Started from the bottom? Hardly. But, what's so wrong with embellishment or poetic license? Rick Ross is a well-known druglord fraud, but we've all seemed to disregard that little white lie. Human beings are complex creatures. We're contradictory by nature. We're selfless then selfish. We repent then sin. A person may be peaceful 90% of the time, but under certain circumstances they'll become violent (or at least threaten violence). So what if Drake drinks sleepytime tea one minute and the next minute raps about getting hyped up and catching bodies? We've all felt like we could kill somebody at one point or another. Does that make us frauds? Does that diminish our character? No.

"It takes a certain type of man to teach,
To be far from hood, but to understand the streets

Drake seems to irk many with his fake tough guy role, but outside of Freddie Gibbs, GBE, and a handful of other artists, a majority of rappers are too. Drake just seems to have the widest breadth in his continuum. Plus, he's never actually claimed to have done anything he hasn't done (whether he's capable of what he threatens is another thing).