Ariana Grande: "I didn’t pick 'Baby I' as the second single, Mac Miller picked 'Baby I' as the second single and that’s honestly the only reason why it was the second single. I was skeptical about it but I loved the song just because it feels a lot like Dreamgirls to me."It's so glamorous and I love the song so much and I feel like it shows off my musicality more than 'The Way' did—vocally and just the song itself is such a statement and that’s what I love about it. 'Baby I' is special in the way it’s just musical.

"[Big Sean and I] were friends for a while. We always talked about making together music at some point and we were always looking for the right song but we couldn't really find it. Then 'Right There' came along and I was like, 'I found it' and he threw his voice on it and he killed it. It’s amazing."