Talib Kweli takes a page out of Doug E. Fresh's book (aka the Human Beatbox) and becomes the "Human Mic" in his latest music video.

The Brooklyn MC appears at the pulpit wearing an "I Am The Greatest" black hat, and proceeds to stake his claim in front of his devoted followers over Oh No's inspiring production. "Popular music got ‘em confusing killers and artists/I kill it the hardest, competition dearly departed/They feeling some sort of way 'cuz my flow revealing the garbage/I'm making 'em throw it up, you just making the people vomit," he raps. Directed by R.A. The Rugged Man, this is a unique visual approach that looks just as good as it sounds. 

"Human Mic" is the latest single from Talib Kweli's Prisoner of Conscious, which is out now. As a bonus, check out Magnum Opus: The Making of Kweli's "Get By" below, presented by Complex TV.

[via Miss Info]

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