Uncle Murda has offered up "The Response," a scathing diss track directed at Kendrick Lamar for calling himself "the King of New York" on "Control." Murda decides not to rap over the "Control" instrumental. Instead, he chooses to rhyme over Jay Z's "Somewhereinamerica." Despite the title, Murda initially says that he "ain't mad" at Kendrick for getting everyone's competitive juices flowing. However, his tone soon shifts, and he says, "For calling niggas' names out Kendrick I thank you/But for saying you're the king niggas want me to spank you."

Kendrick isn't the only person Murda calls out on this song. He accuses Diddy of not allowing Drake to revive Ma$e's career, saying that the head of Bad Boy is still looking for a check for the artist that he made. Addressing the fact that A$AP Rocky is one of New York City's biggest artists (bigger than Murda himself), the Brooklyn native says, "Yeah it's niggas like that that's fuckin up the culture y'all."

Perhaps the craziest punchline of the song comes at the expense of Kendrick's mentor, Dr. Dre. The line? "I don't hold my gun sideways I shoot straight/Remember when Dr. Dre used to dress like a fruitcake?" Ouch.

At this point, responses to "Control" might have reached a saturation point. Hopefully Murda's verse closes the chapter on this weeklong fad. Kendrick is working on his next album; the competition should be doing the same also.

[via Real Talk NY]

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