Things white people like: everything. C'mon folks, there are, like, a lot of white people on the planet. Approximately a gajillion (things (some) white people don't like: research). So of course there's a white person whose fancy is tickled by the most decadent and depraved activities on the planet. Also, some really, ahem, whitebread ones too.

But if there's one thing we know a lot of white people like, it's making fun of white people. It's a little self-deprecating, but it's also a little (maybe a lot), "Bwahahahaha, look at those fuckers." Hey, it's the ultimate in white privilege. And it's the most fun when it involves making fun of white people and rap music.

So tell Holly, Heather, Tommy and Taylor to put down the mayonaise sandwiches, throw out the Native American headdress Halloween costumes (see what I did there?), and check out Things White People Do When Rap Comes On.

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