Fabric is one of those clubs that makes us wish we lived in the UK. Week after week, they have line-ups that highlight the diversity of this scene we bounce around in. Take their August 16 edition of FABRICLIVE, which features Caspa's Dub Police crew taking over Room 1; The Others, MistaJam, and a live performance from the Newham Generals. Room 2 is a Metalheadz explosion, with Goldie, Jubei, S.P.Y, and Doc Scott providing the drum & bass properly. Room 3 is more of that bass music pressure, with Distance's Chestplate takeover featuring Kryptic Minds and Sleeper. We definitely won't be able to make this night, but you can get an idea of what The Others have to offer with this special 30-minute promo mix.


1. BeataCue - Aeropolis (The Others Remix) (Kitsuné)
2. Sleeper - Systema (Chestplate)
3. Caspa - No Gyal Tune (feat. Rod Azlan) (Dub)
4. Subscape - Just Coz (Dub Police)
5. Caspa & Dismantle - Techno Terry (Dub Police)
6. Benga - Tig Old Bitties (Dub)
7. Caspa - Reach For The Sky (feat. Diane Charmlemagne) (The Others Remix) (Dub Police)
8. Seven - Live From The Future (feat. Joe Raygun) (Uprise Audio)
9. The Others - Stargate (Dub Police)
10. Mydas - Squared (Dub Police)
11. J:Kenzo - Cause & Effect (Tempa)
<< FuntCase - Out For Da Milli (Circus)
12. Variations - Subbington (Dub Police)
13. Joker - Head Top (Dub)
14. The Others - One Man Show (feat. Lonette Charles) (J:Kenzo Remix) (Dub Police)