“Craftsmanship has this ingrained sense of quality,” says Milo Bonacci, Ra Ra Riot’s founder and lead guitarist. “It implies that you love what you do…and you care about making some sort of connection that people can relate to.” That dedication to craftsmanship is central to Ra Ra Riot’s success. Started when the band members were all still at Syracuse University, the group has grown into one of the most refreshing new acts of the last decade.

As lead singer Wes Miles puts it: “Every good musician knows that they have to invest in their craft.” This investment and dedication is what spurred Blue Moon to launch the Craftsmen series to begin with. At the center of Ra Ra Riot’s collaborative craftsmanship is the band’s song writing—“how all the parts weave together, just so,” says violinist Rebecca Zeller. To avoid getting stale, the group allows the song writing process to change with each track—but, as Bonacci is quick to add, “regardless of the process…everyone’s really invested in the outcome of the effort.” After all, what craftsman isn’t?

As for the long-term, Zeller says the band’s goal is “to just be able to continue doing this for as long as possible.” She adds: “And enjoy doing it.”

Hopefully Ra Ra Riot is indeed enjoying it. It’s clear their fans certainly are. For more on Ra Ra Riot’s music and collaborative process, be sure to check out the video above.