Seeing as we were around during the last huge electronic music phase in America, it's hard to not look at today's EDM scene and compare it to the last time America truly gave a fig. The period stretching from the mid-'90s to the Y2K bug scare was a marvelous time to be a fan of dance music, as labels were setting up subsidiaries and pouring decent amounts of money into life-changing acts like Daft Punk, The Prodigy, and the Chemical Brothers. There wasn't a huge market, so it felt like there was a freedom to experiment, not worrying about ad dollars or keeping small imprint afloat to sustain a career. All of those factors lead to some of the most extraordinary electronic music ever, and in living in an age where EDM is being pushed as the new pop, we wanted to look back at a time when electronica was churning out gems just to make timeless music.