After performing last night for the W Gangs of New York show at the W Hotel, Redman spoke with Boomshots and shared his thoughts on Kendrick Lamar's "Control" verse.

"Everybody know that Kendrick ain't the king of New York," Redman says. "Kings get [taken] down. Nobody don't want to be the king of New York and shit. I just think he just threw that in there just for exercise."

Redman also praised the Compton rapper for his lyrics. "I like Kendrick as an artist. He's witty and he's smart when he's spitting in his lyrics. And he's crafty." 

"I just think the Kendrick Lamar verse was healthy," Redman adds. "If it took a fucking verse from Kendrick Lamar for New York or the East Coast to get back popping, get shit going, then maybe we need it."

Watch the full clip above, where he also talks about collaborating with the Marley brothers.

[via Boomshots]

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