Kendrick Lamar's verse on Big Sean's "Control" has brought every rapper out of the woodwork with their own opinion.

Raekwon has now spoken on the verse, specifically Kendrick's line about being the "king of New York." In an interview with ItsBizkit, The Chef explained that the crown still lays underground. "All I’mma say is that nigga’s know he ain’t the king of New York," Raekwon says. "The king of New York to me is in the ground and that’s [The Notorious] B.I.G. That’s the nigga that came from the bottom with it for real. And really earned that positioning in the game to be called that."

While Raekwon refutes Lamar's claim, he did go on to give him the Compton rapper props. "I like him. You know what I’m saying. I think he’s lyrical," Raekwon says. "I think he’s a good emcee but it probably was one of those nights, he was just—he was feeling his self. So, you know it was out of fun."

[via XXL]

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