We've already heard Crookers put his spin on this Pusha T monster, but now The Reef, who you've known from remixes for Major Lazer and Foxsky, is back with this 128BPM rerub of "Numbers On The Board." He uses the "bitch, get off me!" vocal properly, but instead of being chained to maintaining the original's melody, he plays off of the percussion in the instrumental properly, crafting an entirely unique sound to it. And it works. At points it feels like an industrial workout, like rocking to a number of steel pipes in a warehouse with fire shooting out of oil drums and shit. Loads of bass in this one as well. Don't even front, you haven't even read this; you just started bouncing once the bass hit. I'm not mad.

Reef says that his sound is very much influenced by hip-hop, although it's more of that classic NYC gritty flavor. We can't break any news but he's had a few releases signed to some solid imprints, so be on the lookout for all of that. In the meantime, rock to this; and DJs take note - there's a special 88-128BPM transition version in here.