Recently, Pusha T's debut solo album, My Name Is My Name, received a push back from its original July 16 release date. In an interview with VIbe, Pusha explains part of the reason behind this new delay. According to him, when he turned in the completed album to Kanye West, he received some new beats from Kanye, which inspired him to go back in and record some new tracks for the album. One of these beats, he says, is a beat from Joaquin Phoenix. Yes, that's not a typo. Apparently, the beat is so powerful, that Pusha immediately saw it as the intro to the album.

In typical Pusha fashion, he went on to boast that My Name Is My Name will be the best-produced rap album of the year when it comes out. As of now, there is no exact date for the release.

Meanwhile, this is not exactly Phoenix's first foray into the rap world. While his rap career didn't last long, will he succeed in the lane of beat making? We'll have to find out when My Name Is My Name comes out.

[via Vibe]

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