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Notable thread: "Kanye Is Selling $120 White Tees #NoNewSlaves"

Over the past few years, Reddit has become a ubiquitous social platform, hosting in-depth conversation on pretty much every conceivable subject. Hip-hop is no exception—the Hip Hop Heads (HHH) Reddit is perhaps the most active board dedicated to rap music. At any given time you are sure to find hundreds of posters discussing the latest mixtapes and news stories. One common criticism of message boards is their relatively slow pace; since long-form, measured responses are valued, message boards lose out to more immediate social media platforms like Twitter. Such is not the case with Reddit, and the discussions on HHH move just as quickly as any Twitter conversation. In true Reddit form, HHH is often home to in-depth conversations and AMA sessions with rappers, connecting them to their fans—in fact, Chance the Rapper is a frequent poster.