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Notable thread: "Which Rappers Have Had The Ship Sail Away From Them?"

Rap fans have long been a part of the gaming world, with most popular video game message boards having a sub-forum or rolling thread dedicated to all things hip-hop (shout out to NeoGAF's "GAF-Hop" crew). The IGN Hip-Hop Board, or HHB as its denizens call it, is one of the largest of these communities. The general taste of the board tends to fall squarely in the middle of current trends, with posters who appreciate an extremely wide variety of hip-hop. The thread "Let's be real, Migos' Y.R.N. is better than Yeezus" is a prime example of this—it was met with equal parts incredulity and praise for Y.R.N. as one of the hardest street mixtapes out. The IGN boards have almost 1 million members, and HHB is by far the busiest of the music section. It is constantly busy, and fast-moving, and keeps up with the latest releases and news stories. Despite its size, HHB feels like a cozy, self-contained community.