Erykah Badu is a true artist who doesn't compromise. And if she feels compromised, she's gonna scream on you and let you know (like a true black woman would). When homeboy Wayne from the Flaming Lips got a bit too freaky with a video starring bad-ass Ms. Badu, she let him know that she might have to get thorough. Gangsta punk move right there. The White Mandingos would also like to make wonderful music with Ms. Badu so we're exploiting this platform to put that out there. You know how black people do: they'll win an award, grab the trophy, shout out everyone in their projects. The stage manager will cue up music to nudge said black artist off stage. Then, on the way out, they'll scream "my album is coming out March 24th!" Us letting Ms. Badu know that we wanna work with her this way is kinda like that.