Song: Jay Z "Empire State of Mind" (2009)
Actual Lyric: "If Jeezy paying Lebron, I'm paying Dwyane Wade."

Praise Jeezy. Jay's lyrics reference Young Jeezy's song "23 24," which gave an insight into the drug-business practice of using sports stars' jersey numbers as code when discussing prices. (Because, you know.) Lebron wears number 23 for the Miami Heat, Kobe wears number 24 for the Lakers. Jeezy is saying that he's switched from paying $24,000 for a kilo to $23,000. A great deal on coke, no doubt. Jay Z implied he was only paying Dwayne Wade rates ($3,000), because he's at the top of the pyramid, or perhaps because he's a Colombian coco leaf farmer. Hard to say. Either way, the important thing here is that many people have miseard "Jeezy" as "Jesus." Jesus being a drug dealer is sacrilegious, but would explain a lot.