Mike WiLL Made It has been teasing fans with his single "23" for over a month now. The song has appearances from Juicy J, Wiz Khalifa, and Miley Cyrus, a very unique combination. After offering a very brief preview of Miley's vocals recently, Mike WiLL previewed her entire verse on the Sway in the Morning radio show a couple of days back, and it's very clear that the pop star is rapping on the track.

Prior to playing the verse, the producer explains that he coached her on staying in the pocket and riding the beat correctly. After playing it, he says that to him, the verse is dope because she stays in pocket, rides the beat, and speaks about things she really does. He clarifies to Sway that this means that he has seen Miley "smoke purp." This also makes her opening line, "I’m in the club high on Perc with some shades on," that much more interesting.

But Miley's references to rap legends might be more interesting than her references to drug use. In a few years, she's gone from not knowing any of Jay Z's music to referencing Naughty By Nature's "Hip-Hop Hooray." Not only does she name drop the song, however, she goes on to say "I wave ‘em from side to side," suggesting she's familiar with the song's music video. She also makes a reference to MC Hammer and the popular sneaker store Flight Club. When asked if Miley wrote the verse herself, Mike WiLL admits that "we helped her out," very likely considering the references.

Interestingly enough, Mike WiLL was joined by two hip-hop legends on Sway In the Morning that day: Diamond D and AG of the Digging In The Crates crew. Shortly after playing the verse, Sway asks the two what their thoughts are about the song, and whether or not they agree with Mike WiLL's explanation for why he has Miley rapping on his single. AG quickly agrees, but immediately stops talking, hesitant to elaborate.

Meanwhile, Diamond D is more reluctant to approve, saying only "that's dope" at first, before Mike WiLL prods him further, seeking approval from a producer he looks up to. Eventually, Diamond says "If someone is telling the truth, and they're staying in the pocket, then for the most part, it's going to be what it's going to be," before finally coming out and saying that he liked Miley's verse.

Clearly, neither AG nor Diamond D, known for their emphasis on lyricism and traditional production, was comfortable in completely cosigning Miley. But what do you think? Check out her verse below.

[via Pop Crush]

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