It's been a couple days since Kendrick Lamar unleashed "Control" and set the rap world on fire (What's a Big Sean?). Since then, every rapper you thought you'd never listen to again (because hey, it's not 2009 anymore) has come out of the woodworks with a so-called "response." There's been so many responses in fact, we had to do a roundup of some of the most talked about responses.

But according to at least person, the responses haven't been up to par. The Mad Rapper just came out of nowhere and dropped his own song called “Cotrol” and made fun of Joell Ortiz, Cassidy, Fred Da Godson and just about everyone else who has struck back at Kendrick. 

In case you don't remember, The Mad Rapper is one of the most memorable fictional characters from rap songs. He was the star of several skits on various Bad Boy albums in the late '90s and was later featured on 50 Cent's infamous "How To Rob." 

Peep the track below and tell'em why you mad son. What do you think of Mad Rapper's response? Is it worth the listen or was Joell Ortiz' version more John Blaze than this? 

[via MissInfo]