It's been about 36 hours since Kendrick Lamar unleashed his game changing verse on Big Sean's "Control" and the responses keep pouring none of the rappers that Kendrick actually mentioned in his verse. Today, Lupe Fiasco comes through "SLR 2"—a sequel from his amazing six minute lyrical outing from 2010.

Lupe doesn't take any direct shots at Kendrick on here, but the song is clearly aimed at him. Lupe rhymes, "I ain't competition, I don't move shit/The only opposition is this new shit." He goes on to say, "Now we all heard what he said, but what he said means we dead." The "he" is obviously Kendrick. Which makes the next line so biting, "He's so crazy, look at the little baby/Nigga you ain't Nas, nigga you ain't Jay Z/You will respect me, you will reject me/But I've done so much, no matter how far you go, you will reflect me." 

The Chicago rapper also finds time to do lyrical acrobatics, "Dinosaurs, I'm fine with all kinds of wars/Knives and swords, lions, tigers, biting boars/Lightening striking viking hordes/Fighting heightened, violence soars." Plus he uses a variety of flows and even rhymes in German at one point. 

Is this the kind of response you were hoping for when you first heard Kendrick's verse? Is this better than Lupe's extended Twitter rant from yesterday where he ghostwrote verses for popular rappers? (You can peep the tweets here). Let us know in the comments. 

[via MissInfo]

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