Chicago's Lucki Eck$ has been building buzz since spring, putting out the two attention-grabbing singles "No Troubles" and "Everything Outside" before releasing his debut mixtape, Alternative Trap, to immediate acclaim. He's gotten a cosign from (and comparisons to) Chicago's artist of the moment, Chance the Rapper, and he landed a spot on our own list of current rappers to watch out for.

Although he rapped about being surprised he ever managed to finish a complete project on Alternative Trap, Lucki is already back with a follow-up single, produced by frequent collaborator Plu2o Nash and featuring Monster Mike, who previously appeared on Lucki's song "48th-49th." It's a typically laconic but fierce performance on Lucki's part over an ominous, atmospheric beat, all of which works to creepy effect and continues to shore up the case for Lucki as someone to keep an eye on.

Check it out and download below:

[via FakeShoreDrive]

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