What in the actual fuck?  Atlanta's Le Castle Vania just hit these Internets with an incredible video for his new Prophication EP.    This is the only promo that we can seem to find on the project, and it  looks like a combination between a Daft Punk live setup, a preview for the new Xevious game (am I dating myself?), and a Halo 18 trailer.  So so future.

The last time I heard Le Castle Vania's tunes, they seemed to be a bit more aggressive and aimed for the dance floor. It's more than curious that this scaled back record is the first thing we've heard in over a year from him, particularly as it's being released via deadmau5's Mau5trap records.  Let's see how the rest of this release shapes up.

Edit: The mini-mix previewing the EP dropped a couple hours after we posted this. And sounds absolutely insane.