I didn't know Nikki & Sara was a thing. I'm not sure what this show is about, but if Krewella is on it, it has to be something important. Or maybe the leaders of the Krew made it important. As you know, 2013 is that year that EDM is making the big push into the American mainstream, and even if MTV doesn't drop the video for "Live for the Night" (or maybe they do, I just couldn't tell you what time of day they actually play videos), it's dope for MTV to give Krewella the time to shine while performing "Live for the Night" and "Alive" on national TV. This is a great group to showcase what EDM is capable of to the mainstream: you've got vocalists singing songs that the ladies will remember, you've got loads of energy from the crowd, and proper POP dance tracks. Hate them or love them, Krewella are at the forefront of this EDM push, especially with the crowd that'll actually buy their music. Fast forward to 14:30 in this clip and enjoy.

(Your EDM)