In a recent interview with Guerilla Union, Kendrick Lamar broke down the origins of the Black Hippy crew, which includes Schoolboy Q, Ab-Soul and Jay Rock.

The Compton rapper also explained the reason why he believes Black Hippy will never break up, which comes from their unique approach in making music.

"We feel when a group come together from the jump, it's always a stigma where they eventually breakup. And thats because later down the line everybody has their own creative differences," Kendrick says. "What we did was start off with our own creative space and let each person in the group know what it is, know what we working with and be familiar with it, then bring it together."

From N.W.A. to A Tribe Called Quest, there have been many rap breakups in the past. Here's to hoping Kendrick's words here stay true for Black Hippy.

[via Miss Info]

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