I took a peek at an article about Billboard's dance charts and raised an eyebrows. Martin Garrix is selling a respectable amount of units of "Animals," and we're seeing movement on these charts from Avicii, Paul Oakenfold, and The Cataracs.  Kaskade is charting as well with his new record "Atmosphere," and is launching a tour on the back of that tune.

The official "Atmosphere" remix package has tunes from GTA, Chocolate Puma, and AMTRAC.  As tunes get popular, the thirst comes in waves and EVERYBODY remixes anything that seems to be getting results.  It's not out of line to think that to be noticed in the bass community, it might be easier to remix a house record, as it's the genre that consistently charts.  And though Ultra seems to be combating these producers by pulling unofficial remixes as fast as they possibly can, this one from RAAK is noteworthy.

We heard his collaboration with Grandtheft for Gilbere Forte's "Polaroids" a few months ago, and it took two seconds of poking around to see that RAAK is a phenomenal talent. On the same album there was a record called "Nolita" that I placed on TrapMusic.NET.  There are more than 300,000 plays on this one tune between the TrapMusic and Gilbere Forte accounts, and RAAK is sitting quietly at 182 followers like none of this happened.  His flip of Kaskade's "Atmosphere" is as brilliant as the rest of his work.  He kept an incredibly melodic base to the tune and laid the drums down on cruise control. There is one synth that doesn't fit the chilled vibe, and it leads the track on a journey. Take a listen and share it around if you like it.