Earlier today Joe Budden announced on Twitter that he will be releasing a new EP as well as an album by the end of the year.

The EP is tentatively titled Some Love Lost, while the album is called All Love Lost. The projects will be released in the fall and winter, respectively, and play off the title theme of his latest album No Love Lost, which was released this past February. Along with the titles and anticipated release schedule, Budden didn't elaborate aside from the hashtag, "#MoodGodBack." With that said, we'll gladly do it for him. 

Ever since Budden hit the scene with his 2003 eponymous debut album, the 32-year-old rapper has been known for his vigorous work ethic in the studio, and that didn't change when he co-founded Slaughterhouse a few years back. In the last three years alone Budden has released two solo mixtapes, a solo album, as well as an album, EP and mixtape a piece with Slaughterhouse, who are already hard at work on their third album. If there's one rapper out there that could carry this type of workload, Joe Budden is the man for the job.

[via NahRight]

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