One of the most promising and up-and-coming names in disco, Solidisco, dropped a Janelle Monáe remix this week that is one hundred percent worth some looks. This epic homage to the end of summer and the musical goddesses on the original track keeps the beat funky and lively throughout with a fat kick to accompany the already flawless lyricism. Not only that but they've got a sick little almost-ghost-busters-sounding breakdown that literally crushes me every time it hits and if you tell me that your first thought on hearing this song isn't "I can't wait to hear this live," then you might be a serial killer. Oh, and did we mention that this will be out officially on September 3 via Bad Boy?

BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE - if you'd like to see them live then check out their tour dates or see them with me at Lure, Hollywood this Friday night with, one of my all time favorites, The Knocks.

"No, no - the booty don't lie.

Oh no the booty don't lie.

Booty booty don't lie."

Looks like we've found the soon-to-be most over used loop on the next round of disco mixtapes once the rest of the world gets wind of this song - and that makes me one happy blogger.