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In the second part of our three part inteview with Jadakiss on The Combat Jack Show, Jada talks about his close relationship with Brooklyn's finest, The Notorious B.I.G. With The LOX meeting him through their connection on Diddy's Bad Boy Records, the two MC's instantly hit it off. "When we met him, he was like, 'Yo, ya'll are dumb nice. I'm glad ya'll are down with me,'" he recalls. "I felt everything I had was top notch at that point. B.I.G. told me I'm nice, I can't go wrong."

Jadakiss recounts the time when Biggie showed up to his 20th birthday party in 1995. Gathering the courage to ask, he says Biggie responded, "'Yeah, where's it at?'" Jada explains he still wasn't expecting the rapper to appear, until a brand new Lexus pulled up to the spot. "Him and Lil' Cease come in. They stayed for the whole night with me, popping mad bottles. He made the party escalate times a hundred."

Jadakiss also touches on the tragic passing of the rapper in 1997. Explaining that was the first time The LOX had ever visited Los Angeles, Jadakiss recites the last words Biggie said to him. "We was edgy then because of something that was going on with Diddy, and that same night [B.I.G.] was like, 'Nah, chill. Whatever it is, we'll handle it when we get back to New York.'"

After leaving the Vibe party, Jadakiss says he found out about Biggie's death en route to their next destination. "Everybody was going to a DJ Clue party at Heavy D's house or something, but then the word just spread like wildfire," he recalls. "Everybody was in each other's ear, then it get around to you like, 'B.I.G. got killed.'"

Listen to Jadakiss' latest record "Big Boy Dialogue," featuring The-Dream. The single will be included on his album Top 5, Dead or Alive, which is due out later this year.




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