Album: The Mirror
Producer: Minnesota

Ja Rule: “It should have been bigger! It was a dope record. Sometimes records just don’t work. It’s crazy. Sometimes the records you feel should work, don’t work, and the records you feel are not going to work, work big. You never know. I never go in with a predetermined [attitude like,] ‘I’m going to make a radio record or I’m going to make street record.’ I’m just going to make music.


That, ironically, was the song that got us both locked up. ‘Uh Oh’ is really ‘uh-oh.’


“I love Wayne. He’s a good dude. I made the ‘Uh Oh’ record, called up Weezy and said, ‘I got a joint for us. Me and you can do it. It’s hot. It’s got it’s own vibe on it. I’m doing the stutter style.’

"He liked it. He did it that night and sent it right back. That’s what I love about Wayne: He’s a fast worker like me. I don’t like to hold people’s records. I get ’em, you’re going to get them back the next night. The same night or the morning of. Done.

“That, ironically, was the song that got us both locked up. I look at it like that because we were performing ‘Uh Oh’ at the Beacon Theater when we both got popped [in 2007]. ‘Uh Oh’ is really ‘uh-oh.’”