Album: N/A
Producer: Unknown

Ja Rule: “When we did that we were on our way to being special, building something special. Irv always saw us three as really special talents. We were definitely all that.

"We all had our own thing, our own lanes, our own types of things we did on the mic. We were all very confident in what we could do on the mic. It resonated in our music. It came across very confident, very fresh, very new, very stylish. For what was going on at the time, we were very different.

"Irv brought it together. He knew Jay, and he knew me, and he knew X. We really didn't know each other like that. X and Jay kind of knew of each other because they had a battle. It was an epic battle. Guns was out and all of that. Those were the good old days. [Laughs.]”