DJ Premier just played the song he produced for Fat Joe and Action Bronson on his Live From HeadQCuarterz radio show on Sirius XM's Hip-Hop Nation. The song is called "Your Honor," and it finds Joe returning to his gritty New York roots with a vintage boom-bap sound. Joe reflects on his accomplishments, using his song as a response to the judge who sentenced him to four months in prison on tax evasion charges. One of the notable lines on the song comes when Joe namedrops some of the biggest artists in the game, saying, "When they shoot like paparazzi I go Kanye crazy/Then beat a nigga blue like Beyonce baby."

On the second verse of "Your Honor" is Bronson, the Queens native, on what might be his first time rapping over an original DJ Premier beat. Bronson's plodding flow sounds tailor-made for this beat, and he sprinkles in zesty one-liners, such as when he says that he's "Scuba diving off the terrace/Utilizing my athletics." Here's hoping there's more from Bronson and Premier together in the near future, preferably on Bronson's solo album.

Meanwhile, Joe will be releasing The Darkside 3 this Sunday, which will include "Your Honor." Shortly after dropping the mixtape he will be reporting to prison to start his sentence.

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