Yesterday, news broke that Drake had pushed the release date of his new album, Nothing Was The Same. Originally slated for September 17th, the album will now hit stores on the 24th.

It came as a big surprise. This album is the epitome of "highly anticipated." It has been planned all summer. The advance music has been leaked. The triumphant OVO Festival set the stage. The trumpets herald the arrival. The album artwork is complete. The roll-out has begun. What could have happened? What could the reasoning have been for the delay?

Enquiring rap minds want to know. We decided to get to the bottom of this. We left no stone unturned [we left many stones unturned], we put in a million phone calls and contacted everyone in the OVO camp [we did not pick up the phone], in compiling this in-depth, comprehensive investigative report. [LOL]

What was behind the decision? Beyond the sort of irresponsible speculation you might find in the tabloids and at the gossip sites, there lies objective fact. And that is definitely [not] what we bring to you here, with 10 Reasons Drake's Album "Nothing Was The Same" Was Pushed Back.

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