Song: Drake "Club Paradise" (2011)
Potential target: Kanye West, Jay Z, Diddy
Shots fired? Maybe

This is obviously a shot, but at who? To interpret this line you have to consider: Who would Drake brag about talking to to his friends? Limiting it to only artists he's worked with, we'd guess Jay Z, Kanye, Diddy or maybe all of them. They all have the legendary status that would impress your friends, all worked with Drake at one point, and are ruthless enough to leave an artist hanging (just ask anyone who's been on The Roc/G.O.O.D./Bad Boy). We can't help but lean towards Diddy though, since on the previous line Drake says, "And I would never make up names for myself/Then change the names that I just gave to myself." Still, even that seems like a long shot since Drake has worked with a ton of other artists. So we'll leave this one open for interpretation.