Look at this art, man.

Here's my take on Donald Glover's absurd short film, Clapping For The Wrong Reasons, after an initial viewing. First of all, it's not the name of Mac Miller's next album, I checked. 

So there are a bunch of staggered, seemingly irrelevant (to each other) scenes, which are connected only in that they take place in the same house. An unknown female character (played by a real-life porn star) walks by. Trinidad James destroys Chance The Rapper at Connect Four (naturally). Donald pulls a tooth out of his nose. Whoever played Topanga on "Boy Meets World" picks way too many lemons while recounting her nightmare about smoking cigarettes at her wedding.

What does it all mean? I certainly don't know, but it's the type of movie that gives you the probably false sense that there is something grand behind it, tying the whole thing together, and you and I are just not observant enough to catch it. But of course, I won't ask anyone what it means because I would have to admit that I didn't already know. Hence, one might find himself, at the end of the movie, applauding the film's supposed metaphorical content, or perhaps its ability to convey some deep meaning by playing with the quotidian. But then he'd be clapping for the wrong reasons.

Overall, it's an entertaining watch, except for the tooth-string scene, which is vaguely reminiscent of Mos Def's force-feeding video. If you're not out here making strong political statements, please refrain from anything that nasal. I look forward to a sequel, which hopefully involves Nas playing croquet with a leprechaun while Juicy J does hot yoga in the Alaskan tundra.

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