Earlier this year, DJ Rashad cemented footwork's worldwide acceptance with his Rollin' EP being released on Hyperdub, followed up by the recently-released I Don't Give A Fuck EP. In news that is pretty exciting to a guy like me, who loves the hell out of the footwork sound, DJ Rashad and Hyperdub have announced that his new album, Double Cup, will be released on October 22. FACT pointed out that this project is collaboration-heavy, but maybe that's the reasoning behind the name? Whatever the case may be, many of the TEKLIFE fam is on here, including DJs Spinn, Earl, and Manny, with Taso, DJ Phil, and Addison Groove also making appearances. Should be a treat!


1. Feelin (Rashad feat Spinn & Taso)
2. Show U How (Spinn & Rashad)
3. Pass that Shit (Rashad feat Spinn & Taso)
4. She a Go (Rashad feat Spinn & Taso)
5. Only One (Rashad feat Spinn & Taso)
6. Everyday of my Life (Rashad & DJ Phil)
7. I Don’t Give a Fuck (Rashad)
8. Double Cup (Rashad feat Spinn)
9. Drank, Kush, Barz (Rashad feat Spinn)
10. Reggie (Rashad)
11. Acid Bit (Rashad & Addison Groove)
12. Leavin (Rashad & Manny)
13. Let U No (Rashad feat Spinn)
14. I’m Too Hi (Rashad feat Earl)