Album: Ready To Die
Label: Bad Boy

As Biggie was wrapping up his debut album Ready To Die, he tracked down Premier, requesting that he hook him up with a beat for the album. Primo knew he had to come correct, but time was limited. It was all good though, because B.I.G. had an idea for him. According to a making of Ready To Die piece, Biggie told him, "Man, I don't care if you take 'Impeach The President.' Take that and do a beat."

So Premier did just that. He sampled it, chopped it up, and manipulated the sounds with Biggie hovering beside him, saying, "Nah, keep playing them little buttons you pushing and change it up and make it do different melodies on the hook and stuff." B.I.G. even gave him the idea to scratch in the vocal sample from R. Kelly's "Your Body's Callin'." Props to Biggie for the idea, but all praises to Primo for the execution. Daniel Isenberg