Quick, rattle off the best individuals to be a spokesperson for your brand.

Ready? Here's how the list should go: Dos Equis guy, Terry Crews, DJ Khaled. For those that disagree with the last example, you clearly haven't heard the hip-hop entrepreneur plead his case for a McDonalds sausage biscuit.

"That sausage, when you take one bite, let me tell you something about that one bite. You be like, now this is what you call a good morning," he declares in a radio commercial while Young Gunz' "No Better Love" plays in the background. It's the perfect theme music for Khaled's passionate rant, which also includes a stunning testimonial for double cheeseburgers and chicken mcnuggets.

Veteran producer Just Blaze tweeted out the radio commercial earlier this week, and for the sake of this momentous occasion, we realize the clip is a few years old. However, you can't put a timestamp on a classic, which is exactly what this commercial from DJ Khaled is.

Check out Khaled's other commercial below, where he boldly states, "When that whip cream's on your face and it even hits your nose, you don't even get mad." Don't ask, just listennn.

[via Just Blaze]

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